The Cleanest Grow, Ever.

Tested on site for over 2 years at Waltons Select Cannabis in Colorado. In that time there were zero occurances of powdery mildew or mold in the grow. Agrowlyte keeps your complete indoor environment clean and free of mold and mildew.

Harvest and Storage

Don't Let Mold Or Mildew Ruin Your Crop.

Agrowlyte Plant Wash used at harvest time keeps your plants clean and free from powdery mildew and mold during storage. Don't let your valuable crop go to waste after harvest, use Agrowlyte Plant Wash to protect your crop.


This Can Kill Your Crop.

Powdery Mildew will devastate a crop in days. If you grow indoors you already know about powdery mildew. The only way to get it out of your grow is to kill every last trace of it. That's what Agrowlyte does best. Agrowlyte is an organic, hospital grade disenfectant that kills every trace of powdery mildew on contact. Even with 100 times the killing power of bleach, Agrowlyte is 100% safe for plants, people and pets.


The secret is Agrowlyte.

When you can get your indoor environment as clean as a hospital operating room, powdery mildew and mold don't stand a chance. Agrowlyte kills powdery mildew, black mold, brown mold and grey mold on contact. In fact, Agrowlyte kills these pathogens down to the DNA level so no trace remains!

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